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I just practiced some happy engineering and wrote lots of code without testing each step as I usually do.

So now I have a few hundred lines of code with an error somewhere... I am using pgAdmin III to write the Python and I write it in their Query Tool, which is used for normal SQL queries. I will not past my Python code as I do not want help with this specific problem. Instead I am after a tool, which will provide me with the exact position in a PL/Python function where the error occurred. To see my reason for wanting this, the following is the error message I am getting, and I have way of debugging where the error occured:

********** Error **********

ERROR: invalid input syntax for integer: "atextstring"
SQL state: 22P02
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I believe there is some work on getting tracebacks to work for pl/python, checkout this thread Although that might not help you now, unless you are willing to do some work :-) – plundra Feb 28 '11 at 14:12
@plundra. I believe this answers my question, as it proves that it does not already exist (or at least not for ordinary people like me). – David Feb 28 '11 at 18:27

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I've been using PL/pgSQL for a while and I haven't found a debbuging tool.

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