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I want to display a gray scale image (16 bits per pixel). So far, I have this:

DataInputStream aFile = new DataInputStream(new FileInputStream("filename.raw"));
BufferedImage aBufferedImage = new BufferedImage(2000, 2000, BufferedImage.TYPE_USHORT_GRAY);
WritableRaster aRaster = aBufferedImage.getRaster();
byte[] aRow = new byte[2000*2];
aFile.readFully(aRow, 0, 2000*2);

Now, my question is that how do I set the 16-bit intensity values from aRow to aBufferedImage?

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Based on, you could convert your byte array into an int or double array (to have one array cell per pixel), and then use WritableRaster.setSamples() or WritableRaster.setPixels(). To avoid doing the byte-to-ushort conversion by yourself, you can use DataInputStream.readUnsignedShort().

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