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Can someone please explain to me what parsing XML means? And what does an XML parser do in general?

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Parse = read and interpret.... –  marc_s Feb 28 '11 at 10:27

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It means "reading" the XML file/string and getting its content according to the structure, usually to use them in a program.

For example if you have this XML fragment:


you may want to use these values in a data structure:

    node1: string
    node2: string

so that, in the end:

Object goofy = ClassRoot.new
parse(xml, goofy)

yelds something like:

goofy[node1='value1'; node2='value2']

There are many ways of doing so, like DOM or SAX. You might want to investigate XSLT and xpath as well, according to your needs.

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An XML parser is the piece of software that reads XML files and makes the information from those files available to applications and programming languages, usually through a known interface like the DOM

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Usually some information is stored in xml documents. In order to use this information in your program you have to parse it - read line by line or node by node and fetch pieces of information.

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An XML parser converts an XML document into an XML DOM object - which can then be manipulated with a JavaScript.


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XML: Extensible Markup Language is a set of rules for encoding documents electronically. It is defined in the produced by the W3C and several other related specifications; all are fee-free open standards.

Parser: a computer program that divides code up into functional components; "compilers must parse source code in order to translate it into object code"

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