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Is there any way to use command line to submit a changelist already created with p4v? May I open command line in p4v? I have a huge changelist and p4v gets stuck when I right click on it to chose submit and I want to use command line or something else to submit it. When I say huge changelist I mean 170+ GB with more 300k files.

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You have to do it from a dos/terminal window. P4v doesn't accept command line commands. There is an option to "open command window here" in the File menu, but you still have to type in the command.

p4 -c <workspace_name> -u <username> submit -c <changelist#>

(don't use the <>) By default perforce assumes your workspace name is the name of your machine, so if your workspace is named something else, put it in

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Note that if you use "open command window here" you won't need the -c <workspace_name> -u <username> as these will be set to the current connection you have in p4v (you can see them in the environment variables). –  Legolas Aug 1 '14 at 8:42

In a shell (either Command prompt or some terminal window, depending on the OS), a simple p4 submit -c changelist# should do. If you did a typical install of p4v, then the p4 command line utility was installed as well. Otherwise you have to get it from the Perforce website. For a more detailed description call p4 help submit.

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Yes, there is an option in the GUI to print the equivalent commands to the message part on the bottom of the screen. I don't have a Perforce client here to hand but if you explore the Options you will probably find it.

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I see the commands in the client, but I don't see where I can write commands. –  Felics Feb 28 '11 at 12:28

You might want to install the p4 command line client as well. That's what I use.

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P4V does have a very limited command line interface, one of which is the option to "submit a specified file", but it only allows you to submit one file... not a changlist.

p4v -cmd "submit C:\path\to\file"

I think George posted your best command line option.... p4 submit -c

If you want to find out more information about the P4V commands, there is a blog post (link below) describing the command line interface of P4V.


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