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I have a menu with an NSImage showing some information, and when it gets updated I would like the new (updated) image to fade in. I know it is easy on the iPhone, but is this possible in OS X ?

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I think that one of the most valuable example is ImageTransition. It's easy to understand at least for me, coming from the iOS world.

Hope it helps, Paolo

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It depends on how your menu is showing the image. If it's the menu item itself, this isn't possible without a lot of hackery. If you're using a custom NSView in the menu, then you can use two NSImageViews and swap between them using the view's -animator.

You'd match imageViewB's frame to imageViewA if it's not already, then replace the subview through the animator:

[[parentView animator] replaceSubview:imageViewA with:imageViewB];

... or back from b to a.

Unfortunately, NSImageView's -animator proxy won't animate -setImage: (for no discernible reason) so you need to use two views and animate the swap.

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This looks promising (will have to try it out tonight). Is there a way to control the speed of this animation? – Nippysaurus Mar 1 '11 at 1:03
You will want to look into the animation documentation. It's all there. – Joshua Nozzi Mar 1 '11 at 2:12

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