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I am running

ruby script/generate scaffold


ruby script/generate model

and I know the basic syntax, like

ruby script/generate scaffold Dude name:string face:boolean

but I do not know things like:

  • should names of variables have underscores or be camelCased?
  • what kind of variable types are acceptable?

Where can I find such information?


P.S. The answers to my two questions would help for now, too :)

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Note: With Rails 3 a lot of the old information is out-of-date. Current information about the script generators is at A Guide to The Rails Command Line -> rails generate – the Tin Man Dec 1 '10 at 3:39
thanks @Greg, gotta get my Rails 3 on now. – Dan Rosenstark Dec 2 '10 at 23:25
Rails 3 is a nice improvement. It's still a steep learning curve but it's not as bad as it once was. – the Tin Man Dec 2 '10 at 23:40
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Type the command without arguments and the documentation is revealed:

$ script/generate model

You can use either camelcase or underscores for the model name.

  • Model names are singular; controller names are plural.
  • Field names use underscores.

I can't remember all the possible field types, I just look them up from the Migration docs, as linked above.

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Cool, thank you avit. – Dan Rosenstark Feb 5 '09 at 2:36

This document on Rails Migration would help.

With respect to the naming convention, I think the general adopted convention for Ruby on Rails is to have underscores.

To know which variable types are acceptable, refer to the section on Database Mapping.

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Awesome. Just in the nick of time, too... – Dan Rosenstark Feb 5 '09 at 1:59
both links are broken now – dokaspar Jan 19 '12 at 7:57

There is a resource on the rails wiki as a List of Available Generators.

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Nice, thanks for that. +1 – Dan Rosenstark Dec 8 '09 at 9:32

To check Rails naming conventions, topfunky's Pluralizer was useful.

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Thanks Eric, that is also good information... – Dan Rosenstark Feb 5 '09 at 2:15

there is a new syntaxis for Rails is rails generate

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