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I have this installation file setup.exe that was created with installShield wizard. as part of the installation the user needs to prompt the installation path, now i don't have any access to the installshield environment i can only run the setup.exe file. I want to activate the installation process via the command line in silent mode,and i need a way to transfer to the setup.exe (via command line arguments) the installation path. is there any way for me to do so ?? (msi installtion enables this option)

Thanks, Liran

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This depends mostly upon what kind of installation is behind the setup.exe you are installing. If it's a Basic MSI, you can pass MSI properties within a /v"..." parameter, and chances are good passing /v"/qn INSTALLDIR={path}" will be what you want. However if it's an InstallScript project, you'll need to record a .iss file, and include it to run silently.

See http://kb.flexerasoftware.com/doc/Helpnet/installshield15helplib/IHelpSetup_EXECmdLine.htm for details.

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