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I'm trying to read JPEG2000 images in Magick++ (the C++ API of ImageMagick). To read an image I use the following code:

Image img("path/to/my/image.jp2");

But when I try to do this, ImageMagick throws an Exception and doesn´t load the image. I extract the images out of PDF files. Could it be that something´s different to normal JPEG2000 images? To extract the images I read the stream of Image objects which have a JPXDecode-filter and save them to a file.

Hope someone can help me!

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ImageMagick uses a package called JasPer to handle JPEG2000's. According to the wikipedia page on OpenJpeg, JasPer does not completely support the JPEG2000 specification. I have several extrected JPEG2000 that open fine in QuickTime, but fail to decode with ImageMagick.

I have had better results using OpenJpeg to decode the the Jpeg2000. The interface is less flexible, it will convert to PNG and BMP.

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