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i have a class, that extends Sprite and i want to build a Flash CS5 component out of it (using the component panel in Flash CS5, so some designers can benefit from it).

The specialty is, i am overriding the setters/getters of width/height and also scaleX/scaleY of my component, because i want to do some special stuff there, but of course i still call super.width, ... and so on.

So, i set up everything, drag an instance on the stage at author time, resize it to my needs. But at runtime now, i had to find, that neither my overridden width or height setters, nor my overridden scaleX / scaleY setters are ever called.

Still, my component got resized. So i ask myself, what is Flash CS5 doing to change the size of my component, if it is not using width/height or scaleX/scaleY? Everything else works as expected, i have some parameters, which i set to inspectable and i can set them in the panel in the flash IDE, it just works fine. Only my overridden setters are not called.

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It is probably because your calling the super getter and setter methods. Try removing them and instead storing the values you set and get in private properties such as _width and _height. – Taurayi Feb 28 '11 at 15:25
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I don't think it gets resized, I think it gets instantiated with this size. I wrote a test app that shows the width and height are already set in the constructor.

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You're right. That's it. Thank you! – ghost23 Mar 1 '11 at 10:55

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