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I'm trying to implement a stack of polaroid images, which the user can swipe through. Currently I have setup the view as follows:







Polaroid 1

Polaroid 2

I keep the polaroids to the stackView. The scrollView lays over the stackView and covers it completely. When I swipe in the scrollView, I set the offset of the polaroids appropriately in the stackView (the reason I don't add the polaroids directly to the scrollView is that in their initial state, the polaroids shall be displayed in a stack from which the user can then swipe images off to the left). However, each polaroid has a button on it, which opens additional info. But because the scrollView eats all the clicks, the button on the polaroid never gets any events.

What is the appropriate way to route clicks event out of the scrollView into my stackView (UIView)?

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Were your views created pragmatically or with interface builder? –  Skyler Saleh Feb 28 '11 at 14:40
all through IB, except the Polaroids, which I create dynamically within the code and then add them to the StackView. –  Sebastian Mar 1 '11 at 8:27

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