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I have a newbie question.

We can use contains to check if a map contain a specified key, as:

val map = Map("a"->"1", "b"->"")

But now, I want to check if the map contains an empty string, is there any method to use?

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map.values.exists(_ == "")

Edit: I think the above is the clearest, but I can't resist showing two others.

map.exists(_._2 == "")

is more compact, but you have to remember that _2 is the value when you iterate through a map.


is an alternative form of the original, where instead of explicitly comparing the argument with _ == "", you supply an equality function "".equals _ or ""== for short. (Two ways of looking at the same thing--is it the empty string supplying its equals method for testing, or is it your closure testing the elements against the empty string? I think the latter (the original) is considerably clearer.)

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You can do:



map find { case (a,b) => b == "" } isDefined
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Or you can just write:

map contains ""
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This is wrong. He wants to check if the map contains a value with the value "". Not the key as you proposed. –  michael.kebe Mar 1 '11 at 7:44

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