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I want to implement a help system for my tiny SWT desktop application.

I've thought about a SWT browser widget containing a single html markup page and a set of anchors to navigate (there are only very few things to explain).

Everything works fine, but how do I load the html file from a jar?

I know aboutgetClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("foo");, but what is the best practice when reading from the input stream? The answer to Java: Load a resource contained in a jar dissuades using a FileInputStream.

Thanks in advance

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i tend to use commons-io for such a task giving me simple abstraction methods like IOUtils.toString(InputStream in); and leaving the choice of best implementations to the able people at apache ;)

commons-io: http://commons.apache.org/io/

apidocs: http://commons.apache.org/io/api-release/index.html

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Well, I found a rather simple solution that obviously just works:

InputStream in = getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("html/index.html");
Scanner scanner = new Scanner(in);
StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer();
while(scanner.hasNextLine()) {

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