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Simple problem. I use the Entity framework to map an SQL Server database to objects. The EF is then used to fill a Dynamic Data Site. There are 50+ tables and layout isn't really important. Allowing the users to use it for quick data entry while keeping the amount of code as low as possible is. Basically, I have four work-hours to find a solution to filter some of the tables on the first letter of one (or more) of the fields. (One filter per field.) When I have one, I have another 4 hours to implement it. Any time I spend more on this will not be compensated. :-(

I have full control over the code, the database structure and whatever else. However, I am limited to .NET 3.5/Visual Studio 2008 and am not allowed to include MVC. I'm also not allowed to add more libraries. Can't upgrade to .NET 4.0 either. So, how can I add such filters in a minimum number of hours?

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Simple answer : add filters the way the Dynamic Data samples add filters, using user controls and FilterRepeaters and designating your custom filters in Metadata . See the DynamicData/Filterss directory for examples.

For example, in metadata

public object LastName { get; set; }

and a user control called LastNameSearch.ascx.

See this link on MSDN

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But does it work with .NET 3.5? The MSDN page is mentioning the 4.0 framework... – Wim ten Brink May 13 '11 at 14:48
@Wim, If I recall correctly, yes. Check here : aspnet.codeplex.com/releases/view/14475 – Ash Machine May 13 '11 at 15:25

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