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I am trying to verify that my uitextfield, which only allows numbers isn't 0 (zero). This check fails every time? When debugging resultingString = '0'( I type in zero ) as I am trying to make it fail, but it doesn't fail.

NSString *resultingString = budgetField.text;

if(resultingString == @"0" || [resultingString length] == 0){
    [AppHelpers showAlert:@"Dude!" withMessage:@"Don't be cheap I know you have more than a $1"]; //never gets in here.

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Use "==" for values, not strings:

 ([resultingString intValue] == 0 || [resultingString length] == 0)
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To compare two strings you would do this:

[string1 isEqualToString:string2]

Edit: This would compare the actual strings and not the pointers to the strings.

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+1 "==" in this case does a pointer comparison. Two "equal" strings do not have to point to the same object. –  Rob Napier Feb 28 '11 at 16:08
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The == operator compares pointers. You want to compare the values of the strings instead, so use a method like isEqualToString:.

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