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I got some questions about ListViews.

first question: I got 5 listviews made in the designer. I am trying to make array of 4 listviews (from the 2nd to the last) so I tried this syntax [not inside function]:

ListView[] lvs = { listView2, listView3, listView4, listView5 };

but it said that the listViews are not static so I tried this syntax (outside function):

ListView[] lvs = new ListView[4];

and then inside function

lvs = { listView2, listView3, listView4, listView5 };

but it didnt work too, so finally I used this syntax (outside function):

ListView[] lvs = new ListView[4];

and this inside function:

lvs[0] = listView2;
lvs[1] = listView3;
lvs[2] = listView4;
lvs[3] = listView5;

which worked. but I want to do it in one of the previous ways.. can you tell me why it doesnt work for me with the other syntax and how to fix it?

second question: I am trying to check if item from listview1 exists in listview2. so I tried


but it always return false, even if I do that >


how can I fix it?, why it always return false? > I DO NOT want to fix it by running loop and check if item = selecteditem.

third and last question (which is not related to listviews): I am using this code

((TabPage)tabControl1.Controls["tabPage" + (i + 1)])

to convert string to control. the only problem is that I need to tell the control in which control he is, so if I want to convert string to control that located inside a control that located inside other control that located inside other control, the code is too long... is there a better, shorter and easier way to convert string to control (without to write in which control he is)?

Thank you very much!

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Individual questions should be separate posts. – Maslow Feb 28 '11 at 16:22
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If I understand your third question correctly you might want to use

tabControl.Controls.Find(string key, bool searchAllChildren)

And I also think that there should be separate threads for different questions.

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You did understand my question. thank you. – Ron Feb 28 '11 at 16:51

First question

You need to insert new ListView[]

ListView[] lvs = new ListView[] { listView2, listView3, listView4, listView5 };

Second question
.Clone() creates a new object, a new object is never the same as the old one.
You need to find another identifier on the objects to compare.

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It solved my first questiom. about thse second question > I got another identifier for the items to compare - their tag - if both items are the same then their tags should be the same (that is how I made it), but how can I check if item from listview1 exists in listview2 by their tag value without using loop? – Ron Feb 28 '11 at 16:54

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