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I have been recently trying out crudRESTController in TG2.1. Overall, I found that-- 1] The community is helpful. 2] But, it is hard to find a help topic or docs, if I get stuck-up with a particular issue. e.g. The name of instance of crudRESTController must be a plural of underlying model name. Otherwise, it won't work correctly. It is nowhere given in their docs.

Hence I am thinking to use jqgrid for crud functionality.

Can anybody please point out whether it would be better to use jqgrid or stick to crudRESTController! (keeping in mind the control I can have over the code, rapid application development, deployment, speed, etc.

Thanks in advance,


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Give a look at EasyCrudRestController from tgext.crud, it provides an easy way to create working Crud Controllers on the fly. For more deep customization you can tune it as you would with CrudRestController.

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