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I have a class named CreateListView in my project in a .cs file and I am able to use it by including it's namespace in my usings at the top of my page. Is there a way I can compile the file so that I can still use the class but users are not able to see the contents of the class. I want the users to still be able to create objects from that class but I don't want them to modify it and it will also be better if they could not see it.

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By "contents of the class", do you meant source code or data members? – Fantius Feb 28 '11 at 17:51
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You can put it in a separate project (Class Library), compile it as a DLL and give others the binary to use in their projects.

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As others have said, you want to compile it into a Class Library, and then distribute the resulting DLL. If you really don't want them to be able to see into it with a tool like Reflector, then you should also consider using an obfuscator.

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You would want to place the code in a seperate project and then build it and give them the .dll this will allow them to use the class you've created but not see the code.

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