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Redmine has a % Done field that is used to keep track of an issue's progress. By default, the list box contains values in 10% increments from 0-100. Is it possible to either change the listbox to a plain text field so I can enter in any integer from 0-100 or change the list box to display all integers from 0-100? I know I can create a custom field for this, but I want to use the built-in, if possible.

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In your redmine installation look for the file


The code for setting the 10% increment is on line 38 (Version 1.1.0)

<p><%= :done_ratio, ((0..10).to_a.collect {|r| ["#{r*10} %", r*10] }) %></p>

Which appears to be creating an array 1 to 10 in steps of 1 which is then factored by 10 for the %. So there are several ways you could change the array list.

For example the following would give you a drop down selection with 5% steps

<p><%= :done_ratio, ((0..10).step(0.5).to_a.collect {|r| ["#{r*10} %", r*10] }) %></p>

I've just tried it on a Redmine installation and using the step of 0.5 makes the percentage complete a real number rather than an integer. So to keep it an integer this will work

<p><%= :done_ratio, ((0..100).step(5).to_a.collect {|r| ["#{r} %", r] }) %></p>

Going for every 1% may make the drop down list a little on the long side.

This code is also apparent in


But I'm not sure where that is used.

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great, how can i change this drop down to a text box so that i can enter percentage manually and this will give me option to enter percentage in 1's. Thank you very much. – N Khan Feb 4 '13 at 10:35

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