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Am forced to use jquery and am not familiar with it .

Anyway , i store a link in a span <span id="link">http://x.com?x=1&x=2</span>

when looking up through the js file that gets that variable and puts it in href of a link using this code $j("#sn_title").attr('href', news_link.html()); , the & in the link is converted to &amp; .

Any clues ?

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"forced to use jquery" Oh, my... –  BoltClock Feb 28 '11 at 18:03

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&amp; is actually acceptable (and preferred) for links per the HTML spec.

However, if you want to make it not change what you have in news_link, you should be doing: $j("#sn_title").attr('href', news_link.text());

Notice the use of .text() instead of .html()

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The attr method takes a value, not escaped source. &amp; is not acceptable here. –  SLaks Feb 28 '11 at 18:06

The html() method returns the actual HTML of the element.

& is a special character in HTML (it's used for entities) and cannot appear as a normal character.
Your HTML is invalid (&x is not an entity), but the browser automatically corrects it to &amp; as it is parsed.
jQuery faithfully returns the fixed-up HTML when you ask it to.

If you want the text of the element, call .text().

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The .html() is changing the & to an html & (&) but using .attr("href") sets the link path .

Please see this link
jQuery html() and &

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