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same problem that was described in this post Watir question regarding select_list and reloading but the solution is not working for me.

Setup is IE8, Watir 1.67. I have automation that selects a value from a dropdown list of languages. Selecting a language changes the text of the page to translated values. The automation works correctly in Firefox; selecting the dropdown value triggers the page reload with the new text. I can see the selection happen in IE but no page reload. I have tried firing onclick, onselect(which gets an invalid argument exception), onchange with no luck. The Ajax call in question looks like this:

$('#localeSelect').change(function() {
            if ($('#localeSelect').val() != "") {
                var url = $('#localeSelect').val();
                    url: url,
                    success: function(){

I don't get any Watir errors running the test, it just refuses to reload. I've run into this problem with IE a lot, and I am wondering if I can call the window.location.reload() directly if there is no other solution.

Thanks in advance, Sabrina

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My guess is that you have to find which JavaScript event to fire: How to find out which JavaScript events fired?

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Now that's a highly useful tool to know about. Thanks! – Sabrina Mar 2 '11 at 18:07
unfortunately, info obtained still not solving problem. I see events popupshowing, focus, click(selecting the value),popuphiding, a GET call that includes the language selection info, and then a change event. Directly invoking fire_event on popupshowing is apparently not allowed (get a WIN32OLE runtime error) and everything else does not activate the dropdown display or trigger the page reload. – Sabrina Mar 2 '11 at 18:17

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