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Hopefully (one of) the last question on map-files.

Why is this not working, and how would I do that right?

CUB <- gadm
CUB <- spChFIDs(CUB, paste("CUB", rownames(CUB), sep = "_"))

Thank you very much!!!

seems to work with row.names()

CUB <- gadm
CUB <- spChFIDs(CUB, paste("CUB", row.names(CUB), sep = "_"))
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The answer is apparent once one reads the help for ?row.names() and ?rownames().

The rownames() function only knows something about matrix-like objects, and CUB is not one of those, hence it doesn't have row names that rownames() can find:

> rownames(CUB)

row.names() is different, it is an S3 generic function and that means package authors can write methods for specific types of objects such that the row names of those objects can be extracted.

Here is a list of the methods available for row.names() in my current session, with the sp package loaded:

> methods(row.names)
 [2] row.names.default                  
 [3] row.names.SpatialGrid*             
 [4] row.names.SpatialGridDataFrame*    
 [5] row.names.SpatialLines*            
 [6] row.names.SpatialLinesDataFrame*   
 [7] row.names.SpatialPixels*           
 [8] row.names.SpatialPoints*           
 [9] row.names.SpatialPointsDataFrame*  
[10] row.names.SpatialPolygons*         
[11] row.names.SpatialPolygonsDataFrame*

   Non-visible functions are asterisked

The class of the object CUB is:

> class(CUB)
[1] "SpatialPolygonsDataFrame"
[1] "sp"

So what is happening is that the SpatialPolygonsDataFrame method of the row.names() function is being used and it knows where to find the required row names.

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thank you! That explains it :) – speendo Feb 28 '11 at 21:38
thanks for correcting my mistake, by the way! – speendo Mar 1 '11 at 8:22
@Marcel no probs. Glad the answer helped. – Gavin Simpson Mar 1 '11 at 8:42

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