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How to represent space and tab in XML tag. Is there any special characters for them to represent.

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Work for me

\n = 

\r = 
\t = 	
space =  

Here is an example on how to use them in XML

<KeyWord name="hello&#x9;" />
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Tab doesn't work for me –  Slav Aug 2 at 21:13
try other existing solutions, i did it a long time ago, so can't confirm why its not working ... –  Wasim Aug 4 at 2:13

If you are talking about the issue where multiple and non-space whitespace characters are stripped specifically from attribute values, then yes, encoding them as character references such as &#9; will fix it.

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You cannot have spaces and tabs in the tag (i.e., name) of an XML elements, see the specs: http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml/#NT-STag. Beside alphanumeric characters, colon, underscore, dash and dot characters are allowed in a name, and the first letter cannot be a dash or a dot. Certain unicode characters are also permitted, without actually double-checking, I'd say that these are international letters.

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Look at CDATA section.


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I think you could use an actual space or tab directly in XML document, but if you are looking for special characters to represent them so that text processors can't mess them up, then it's:

space = &#032;
tab   = &#009;
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...and if you want a non-breaking space you could also use &#160; –  danicotra Mar 30 '13 at 12:41
tab = &#009; doesn't work for me, for Enter key its &#xA;, no numeric –  Wasim Jun 18 '13 at 5:29
&#009; tab doesn't work for me either –  Slav Aug 2 at 21:12

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