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I need a hint on which is the best way to make a good login on Ruby on Rails, using webservices with SOAP protocol to validate the user and password.

Any help will be appreciated!

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If you mean that you would like to either use a standard user and password system and, in addition, log the user in through external APIs (like Facebook Connect or Twitter API), I'd definitely use devise with OAuth. There's plenty of tutorials to do this, for example with facebook, and there are even specific gems, for example for Twitter and for Facebook. Another way could be to use devise with Janrain (formerly known as RPXnow), which provides an unique interface for a lot of web services (among which again Facebook and Twitter, but also Google, Yahoo!, Flickr, AOL, etc.). And of course there's a gem to integrate devise with RPX.

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I'm sorry but i don't know too much about these things yet... Can you use OAuth asking an own module (i already made a module that can validate a user) –  Luis Ortega Araneda Mar 1 '11 at 1:10

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