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For my NSTableView, I have defined


and this does return the string I want to display and the NSTableView does display that string as a tooltip.

The problem is that while the tooltip is being displayed, I click the mouse in the same table cell and this will cause the method above to return a different string. However, I cannot seem to figure out how to tell the table that it needs to update the tooltip being displayed.

I did try calling -removeAllToolTips, but that did nothing, as expected.

I can get the tooltip to disappear by calling [sender setToolTip:@""]; Although, it disappears suddenly, rather then a nice, slow fade out.

However, the tooltip does not reappear with the updated text unless I move the mouse and wait....not quite the behavior I want.

Is there anyway to tell the table that it needs to update the tooltip being displayed?

Any other ideas or thoughts on how to handle this better?

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It is not possible at this time.

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Have you tried:

[aTableView setNeedsDisplayInRect:[aTableView rectOfRow:row]];

Where "row" is the one in question?

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Yes. It does nothing and I really wouldn't expect it to as it is not the table which needs to be redrawn but the tooltip. I did try calling -setNeedsDisplay: on the entire table as well and it did nothing. – ericgorr Mar 1 '11 at 14:18

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