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Yikes. I ran the wrong method in tortoisesvn (Update Item to Revision) and cannot get back to working copy of two files. The files were added in revision 7166. I did an Update Item to Revision on revision 7165. This deleted the files.

I need them back, but cannot restore them. Here was my attempt: (files are not local): Go to repository (HEAD), select each file > "Copy to Working Copy". This brings the files local, but in ADD state. When I try to commit I get error "xx file is out of date, you have to update your working copy first". I know this means my local is at wrong version (because I ran update item to revision), but I don't know how to get back to HEAD.

How do I get current version of files that no longer exist on my machine and are, I guess, still pointed to old revision. I see that there are files in .svn\text-base representing the two files. Should I delete those so that I can SVN Update? So far, SVN Update will not restore the files.

My other concern is that when I ran Update Item to Revision, there were a few other files that were merged or updated. I seem to have restored them because I can commit changes on them. How do I confirm the revision I am working with, just check the subversion properties of the file?

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Can't you just revert the local changes and then Update to Head?

If you are still having problems and the folder has no local changes, just delete it and do and Update to HEAD in the parent folder - I've had to do that sometimes when the WC gets messed up.

Also, "Check for Modifications" is a great tool for seeing what's changed and why TSVN thinks it has.

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