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I have a series of 6 lists of related data. Really, they are the same set of data split out by a status flag into 6 different "Queues". In my android application I have a dashboard pattern for my main menu, which has an option for the queues. The tab strip is too small to have 6 options on it, so I would either have to have a horizontal scroll view around my tabhost (which I can't seem to get to work easily), or I need to find another way. From what I've seen, if I need that many tabs, I should be looking at a dashboard design pattern. Is it acceptable to have a nested dashboard? What is the best practice here?

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for reference, I am getting rid of my tabs and moving to using an ActionBar (github.com/johannilsson/android-actionbar) and QuickActions (londatiga.net/it/how-to-create-quickaction-dialog-in-android) –  Josh Mar 1 '11 at 19:09
Are there rich visual representations of each of these lists? I might consider using the Carousel pattern ( androidpatterns.com/uap_pattern/carousel ) in this case. –  Brian Mansell Apr 20 '11 at 17:20

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