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In jsp, if there is a hidden variable, we do this in js:

document.getElementById('hiddenVarId').setValue = 'xxx';

What is the extjs equivalent of document.getElementById().setValue = 'xxx';

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Ext.get('hiddenVarId').set({value: 'xxx'});

This another possibility that leverages the ExtJS method set(). This way you can set multiple attributes on an Ext.Element at once if that's something you also require now or later.

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Ext.get('hiddenVarId').dom.value = 'xxx';

Ext.get returns an Ext.Element which has the actual DOM object in the dom property. You can then directly assign to the value property.

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Ext.get() vs Ext.getCmp()

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What are differents ? –  Fire Dec 5 '14 at 14:19

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