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I have set up an AVAudioPlayer object in viewDidLoad, as per the Apple guidelines, calling prepareToPlay as the last line in viewDidLoad (i have tried in awakeFromNib also).

When i press my play button, there is a pause, as it would appear to load the file, then it plays.

In audioPlayerDidFinishPlaying, i reload the player with a different sound, and when clicking play for a second time, the file plays instantly.

What would cause the player to lag on the first play?


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What kind of sound are you playing? Alerts, something longer? If alerts, I did go this way and it's much better with lags ...

  • create system sound with AudioServicesCreateSystemSoundID
  • play system sound with AudioServicesPlaySystemSound
  • dispose system sound with AudioServicesDisposeSystemSoundID

... you only need to store SystemSoundID for each sound you would like to play.

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The delay is due to AVAudioPlayer being initialised. Please see this answer.

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Here's one trick to try: Create a sound file containing a half second of silence. On app start up, use AVAudioPlayer to play this file. Now when your view loads, AVAudioPlayer will be ready to play subsequent sounds much faster.

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Sorry for downvoting but this is not a solution this is a workaround. –  Vaibhav Gautam Sep 17 '14 at 10:40
@vaibhav that's a pretty piss poor use of the down voting mechanism –  AlBeebe Oct 23 '14 at 18:46
@AlBeebe : Let me rephrase. "This is not a solution, this is a poor workaround which will not work if audio clip is of less than half second" –  Vaibhav Gautam Oct 24 '14 at 19:10

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