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I had a developer 'revert' a file by deleting it from the repository and re-adding it. We now have a current file with no history. Is there a way to get back the deleted file. With it having the same name as existing file, how should I proceed? Yes, I have tried to read the docs but can't seem to get the right combination of actions to take.

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It's so great when a "developer" older than you on company deletes file history on Subversion, or insists to not commit at all, and demands he's right and you're just trashing Subversion with "unecessary small commits" :/ – Hikari Feb 17 '13 at 1:39
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  1. delete the file in your working copy
  2. in the repository browser, go to the revision where the original file still existed (i.e. before it was replaced)
  3. right-click on that file in that revision in the repository browser, execute "copy to working copy"
  4. specify the path in your working copy as the "copy to"-target

Now you have your file back including the history.

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Ok. I have the file locally. I delete locally. I go to repository and go to the revision prior to the deletion of the file. I select 'copy to working copy' and get error:"Entry for 'C:\...\MyFile.ascx.cs' exists (though the working file is missing)" If I put the file back (locally) through "SVN Update" and try again, I get error "Path c:\...\MyFile.ascx.cs" already exists. If instead, I select "copy to..." and enter my local file location, I get error: "Source and dest appear not to be in the same repository(src:'svn://domain/.../MyFile.ascx.cs';dst:'file:///C:/.../MyFile.ascx‌​.cs" – user638303 Mar 1 '11 at 18:47
Got it. I had to TortoiseSVN Delete locally. I did 'copy to working copy' and then checked that file back in. As long as I deselect 'stop on copy/rename', I get full history. Thank you! – user638303 Mar 1 '11 at 22:53

see this thread here...

examining history of deleted file

to resurrect your file you can

 svn copy url/of/file@lastrevisionthefileexisted -r lastrevisionthefileexisted path/to/workingcopy/file
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