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I just have quick Question. If I had an sql script like this:

create table person(
    phoneNumber int
    name varchar(100) not null
    primary key(phoneNumber, name)

How would I set up the Entity Class for this in Java using JPA Annotations?

I have this so far:

public class Person {

    public int phoneNumber;

    @Column(name="name" length=255)
    public String name;

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2 Answers 2

  • you'll need @Table("person") on the class
  • you'll need @IdClass or @EmbeddableId to specify the primary key. Check the documentations of those for how exactly to achieve it. @IdClass is a bit easier.
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Take a look at this:

Basically, what you have is a composite primary key. What you'll end up with is a MemberOFPK class that encapsulates the fields of the primary key, and then your MemberOf class will have either an EmbeddedID or two @ID classes depending on whether you make the primary key class embeddable or not.

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