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When I am converting some big floats like:


after using

Cast(@FloatValue as nvarchar)

I get:


This is really bad... so How can I get exact values??

The query I am doing is:

INSERT INTO #someT (id,Value) values('''+Cast(@counterI+1 as nvarchar)+''','''+Cast(@Val as nvarchar)+''')';
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For the numbers you posted LTRIM(STR(f,32)) works fine.

with floats(f) as
SELECT cast(61326085092 as float) union all
SELECT 161569087548 union all
SELECT 169193968080 union all
SELECT 208082024640 union all
SELECT 230160816344  union all
SELECT 230160816344.12
select f, CAST(f as nvarchar) as v, LTRIM(STR(f,32)) as s1, LTRIM(STR(f,32,10)) as s2
FROM floats


f                      v                  s1             s2
---------------------- ----------------- -------------- --------------------------------
61326085092            6.13261e+010        61326085092           61326085092.0000000000
161569087548           1.61569e+011       161569087548          161569087548.0000000000
169193968080           1.69194e+011       169193968080          169193968080.0000000000
208082024640           2.08082e+011       208082024640          208082024640.0000000000
230160816344           2.30161e+011       230160816344          230160816344.0000000000
230160816344.12        2.30161e+011       230160816344          230160816344.1200000000
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It's because of precision.

Try using Float(53) or Decimal(38,18)

Are you really using floats? The numbers you posted look like integers...

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you mean (38,18) probably :-) –  SQLMenace Mar 1 '11 at 0:24
oooops! Thx! ... –  Mitch Wheat Mar 1 '11 at 0:25
Yeah, actually the numbers taken curiosly do not have point... –  cMinor Mar 1 '11 at 0:27
Cast(cast(@FloatValue as numeric) as nvarchar)

Choose an appropriate numeric scale and precision for your case. You will always have this problem with floats and reals, they're inherently imprecise.

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Could you please explain a bit more,why you are converting to numeric and then all that to nvarchar?? –  cMinor Mar 1 '11 at 0:32

Are these always whole values(meaning no decimal points) if so convert to bigint instead

declare @f float =230160816344

select convert(bigint,@f)
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