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There is a project hosted on google's project hosting that has gone inactive, and I would like to fork it under a different name, and include it within a library I'm currently working on. The google project states it is published under GPL v2, (google project hosting requires choosing a license to create the project), and the library I'm working on is under the same license.

However, within the project's distributed source, distributed binaries, and the source code within SVN, there is no mention of a copyright or any license blocks.

I would like to retain the copyright information as required under the license, however there is no copyright information to retain. Should I just leave it out and put my own license block without a copyright clause in it? Should I add a copyright line with ? Should I just put a line stating that no copyright information was listed in the original source?

I'd like to do this by the book as much as possible.

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Add your own copyright notice consistent with the GPL v2 license and reference the original source.

Really though, if the old code was stated as GPL and your fork is also GPL, I don't think anyone is really going to care about nitty gritty details like this. It's good to try to do the right thing, but anything reasonable will undoubtedly suffice.

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