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I am a complete newb to python, hence a silly question.

As i understand, upon first execution of a *.py program, byte code is created into *.pyc and used until a change in *.py file.

Where might this *.pyc bytecode be found in a project?

I would think bin, but nothing is there

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A *.pyc file is created for imported modules, and they are placed in the same directory containing the .py file. However... no .pyc file is created for the main script for your program. In other words... if you call "python" on the command line, there will be no .pyc file for

This is how Python 2.x behaves. However, in Python 3.x the .pyc files are saved in a __pycache__ directory. See David Glick's answer for details.

[edit: Added note about Python 3.x.]

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Great. Thank you – Jam Mar 1 '11 at 2:23

In Python < 3.2, the .pyc files are placed in the same directory as the .py file.

In Python 3.2, the compiled files are placed in a __pycache__ subdirectory, and are named differently depending on which Python interpreter created them. (This can be useful to people importing the same Python modules from multiple versions of Python.) See for more information.

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The .pyc files are normally created in the same directory as the files that they correspond to. E.g., both and my_file.pyc should be in the same location.

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I see 2 files next to source folder: .pydevproject and .project. Inside source, i see only .py file – Jam Mar 1 '11 at 2:18
There won't necessarily be a .pyc for every file. They are normally created when a module is imported rather than run directly. – Elliot de Vries Mar 1 '11 at 2:21

They are always created in whatever directory contains your .py files. Also, they are created for imported modules, not files that you directly run.

If you want to create .pyc files, boot up a Python interpreter and just import the modules of your choosing.

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