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Can anyone explain what the default requirements are for Firebird on Delphi-XE and 64bit windows ?

From what I understand, you need fbclient.dll and the dbxfb.dll (with both being in app path or c:\windows\syswow64 ????)

Is there anything else needed ? (other than the service running if not using embedded) ?

Also does dbexpress work with fbembedded.dll ??

Any info on Firebird/DelphiXE/dbExpress appreciated.


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On Windows x64 you can:

  1. install 32bit or x64 server software.
  2. install 32bit fbclient.dll, because Delphi XE is a 32bit application.
  3. install 32bit fbembed.dll, because Delphi XE is a 32bit application.

dbExpress should work with fbembed.dll. You need to set

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For the server side you will need: DbxCommonDriver160.bpl Dbxfb.dll DBXFirebird Driver160.bpl fbclient.dll

Hope this helps.

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