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I am trying to find a path between two nodes in a graph, where the edges are unweighted.

I am using a Breadth First Search, which stops when it finds the target, in order to find the existence of a path, but I am not sure how to get the path itself.

I tried looking at the list of visited nodes, but this did not seem to help. I saw someone answer this question using prolog, but I am a C++ programmer.

I also looked at Dijkstras algorithm, but this seems like over kill, since a simple Breadth-first Search has got me almost the whole way.

How to get the path between 2 nodes using Breadth-First Search?

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In your node struct, you add a variable called parentNode which is the parent of that node in the path. In the end, you can retrieve the path by traversing from the goal node backward.

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I think this approach would work for trees, but not for graphs, where a node might have multiple parents. In this case, we might need to maintain a list as the path is constructed. –  Rich Ashworth Nov 4 '14 at 14:59

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