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Possible Duplicates:
What is your favorite hot-key in Eclipse?
Hidden features of Eclipse


I use Eclipse a lot - my main IDE for Java, Java EE, python, actionscript, (any)ML, javascript and C/C++. Today, when I came across reading article (at SO) called: What is your most productive shortcut with Vim? and I wanted to get an accurate self-assessment of my knowledge about productively using my IDE.


Here are most of the predefined shortcuts, that I actively use with Java:

  • Auto functions
    • ctrl+1 = quick fix
    • ctrl+shift+c = auto comment/uncomment selected area
    • ctrl+shift+space and ctrl+space = auto assist and complete
  • Selectors
    • hold shift and move = from-to selector
    • shift+ctrl+left or right = select previous or next word
    • home,shift+end or alt+down,alt+up = select current row
  • Trivia
    • ctrl+d and ctrl+alt+down or up = delete and duplicate current row
    • ctrl+F11 and F11 = run and debug
    • ctrl+shift+x,q = run Ant build
    • ctrl+shift+fn+0 = collapse all

And I know, that using:

  • Windows -> Preferences -> General -> Keys I can define shortcuts, and use ctrl+shift+l to view them quickly, if i happen to forget.
  • Windows -> Preferences -> Java - > Editor -> Templates I can define snippets and use them with autocomplete.

I did not add shortcuts like: ( ctrl+shift+f - auto format ) and ( ctrl+shift+o - auto organize imports ), because my Eclipse does them automatically each time I save the source file.

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@Thilo You are right - oddly to me, I found my answer in stackoverflow.com/questions/54886/hidden-features-of-eclipse – Margus Mar 1 '11 at 3:09
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This post answered it well:

Default Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts

And here is how to change the keyboard shortcuts.

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