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I have a ARM11 based hardware board which runs a Linux kernel ver. I have my application running on this ARM-LINUX board. To do source level debugging, of my application I used to use gdb from command prompt of the linux board, that was with some earlier version of the board linux version.

With this version, I dont have a related version of gdb for the board. I tried to look around to get gdb for this version of linux and arm port of it, but without much success. Can anyone point me where I can get either an independant executable for gdb for above mentioned os and board configuration or source for the same, which I may try compiling for that target.


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Wanna fix up the title a bit? :) –  Lars Mæhlum Sep 9 '08 at 10:10

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Sometime ago I published an article about cross-target debugging with GDB and GDBServer. The target processor there is PPC7450, but it's rather detailed, so maybe you'll find it useful.

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You might have some luck using OpenEmbedded. If there's no precompiled version you can use right away, setting up an OE-cross compile environment is not that hard.

Another option could be to install gdb-server on the board, like described in this blogpost.

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