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So this is a very weird place I am at. I have been working on a project, a web application development where we have guarded the source very closely and intend to till we release the app. Now there is this issue we faced with safari alone and that too on mac where using this app freezes the browser. Now its pretty fantastic the way the bug works. It happens only via my application, running on a the Facebook canvas, on safari on a mac where a couple of double clicks on the safari canvas renders the mouse inputs unresponsive. The tab functions normally with the keyboard, like if I move to google.com in the same tab, I cannot use the mouse to click on any hyper-link on the Google page but I can with the keyboard. Now when I use my app via my server, I could not generate the bug, so its not like I could reduce my app in anyway to check what the issue was.

I would like my app to be supported on safari because its originally an iPhone app ported to Facebook. Not having it work on safari on mac but everything else would be kind of ironical. Any suggestions how do I go about reporting the bug would be of great help! Thanks

PS: The amount of time I can give is pretty limited so I would not like to do something very complicated. In such a scenario I would probably wait for the app to be released and then post the bug with safari, but I would like to do it in another way if possible before that!

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The page for reporting Safari bugs is at http://developer.apple.com/bugreporter/ (after you log in). The list of guidelines for what to include is at http://developer.apple.com/bugreporter/bugbestpractices.html and there is a special section on Safari at the end. It seems like you can just send in an HTML/JavaScript snippet that shows the problem, even if it doesn't occur on a live Web site.

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As Jeremiah said, you will have to login to the developer site. Unfortunately, if your app is having problems, but not your server, I don't think they can help you very much. If I where you, I would take a quick look at all of your startup code, and make sure it doesn't have any logic errors or leaks. If it still doesn't work, you may have to take a day or so without working on the app just to collect your thoughts. I say this because I know that Safari is very stable, and taking some time off helps me.

I had a similar problem before with my own code for an OS X app. It turns out that I was trying to render a 3D object while it was being loaded. That was my problem. Again, I'm saying that it is normally a simple logic error, not a bug.

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I am quite certain its safari coz after the mouse actions freeze on my tab if I move to another website on the same tab the mouse actions still don't work there. I am sure my app should not have a lasting effect on the browser tab. The other tabs opened though work just fine! =/ –  Shouvik Mar 1 '11 at 5:04

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