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I have a table with various fields 2 of which contain a number between 1 and 50.

I need help setting up a script that will automatically take two set fields add them and insert the total into a third field for each indivdual record for all records in the table.

I'm stuck in creating this because some records will have 0 or NULL values.

Please help :)

I've think I may be able to do this purely in SQL but the closest i found was this:

Alter table Mytable add column Keywords varchar(255);
update Mytable set Keywords = concat(Categories, ' ', Tags);

Obviously I would not need to add the column etc. Either a PHP or SQL solution would be fantastic.

Example in case I'mm not explaining this well it's confusing me a lot

Column 1 - Field Value: 20
Colum 2 - Field Value 20
Add Colum 1 + Colum 2 = 40
Insert 40 into Colum 3


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This should do it


Replace [TABLE_NAME] and col1, col2, col3 with your tables and columns

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You should do this in plain SQL.

If both columns are stored as numbers:

UPDATE tableName 
SET `Column 3` = IFNULL(`Column 1`,0) + IFNULL(`Column 2`,0)

If they are stored as characters:

UPDATE tableName
SET `Column 3` = CAST(IFNULL(`Column 1`,0) AS SIGNED)
               + CAST(IFNULL(`Column 2`,0) AS SIGNED)
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Try the following:

UPDATE Mytable SET column3 = column2 + column1

this should work for 0 , however if you have got NULL values in any of the adding column you will get a NULL in the result field, so in that case the query is slightly different

for e.g. if Column1 may have null values, then the query should be

UPDATE Mytable SET column3 = IFNULL(column1 ,0) + column2

and if both the fields can have NULL values then,

UPDATE Mytable SET column3 = IFNULL(column1 ,0) + IFNULL(column2 ,0)

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Great stuff it worked perfectly... thank you! I definatley need to learn a little more about SQL itself and stop worrying about php so much. –  Braddles Mar 1 '11 at 4:32
welcome :), best of luck for your project. –  Amitabh Mar 1 '11 at 4:41
UPDATE your_table SET Column3 = Column1+Column2


UPDATE your_table SET Column3 = IFNULL ( Column1, 0 ) + Column2

to avoid NULs on Column1

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