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I have the following template:

<html land="en">
    <title>Some Meta Data</title>
        {% for key,values in meta %}
        <li> {{ key }}, {{ values }} </li>
        {% endfor %}


And corresponding views.py:

def display_meta(request):
    meta = request.META.items()
    metadata = []
    for k,v in meta:
        key = k
        values = v 
    return render_to_response('meta.html', locals())

How do I re-write the function above such that it doesn't use locals() ?

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Your view can just be:

def display_meta(request):
    meta = request.META.items()
    return render_to_response('meta.html', {"meta": meta})

Since you'll have to iterate meta to generate the template you don't have to do it in the view. Also the second argument of render_to_response can be a dictionary of keys to add into the template context.

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