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I have to use some library, and have no power to change it or care about it, EveryTime i compile a HUGE number of warnings popup. Useless things like

: warning C4350: behavior change: 'std::auto_ptr<_Ty>::auto_ptr(std::auto_ptr_ref<_Ty>) throw()' called instead of 'std::auto_ptr<_Ty>::auto_ptr(std::auto_ptr<_Ty> &) throw()'

I want to complete disable Warnings to this specific library. |But still want to have warnings to my own code. Is it possible in Visual Studio 2010 ?

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What is the root cause of this warning? Are you sure they are harmless? –  Jörgen Sigvardsson Mar 1 '11 at 11:13

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#pragma warning is one option, though it's probably only feasible if you use precompiled headers or have very few source files in your own project.

#pragma warning (push)
#pragma warning (disable : 4350)
#include <third/party/headers/in/question.h>
#pragma warning (pop)
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It works, thank youu ! –  bratao Mar 1 '11 at 15:01

Create your own header file ( like "your_ABCD.h" ) with the below code.

// In your_ABCD.h
#pragma once
#pragma warning (disable : 4350)
#include <their_ABCD.h>
#pragma warning (default : 4350)

Then, you can include "your_ABCD.h" instead of "their_ABCD.h" file.

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