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is there a quick solution with mootools, that acts like the $(document).height() from jquery? i just simply need the real document height, browser independent.


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All the methods you need are in Element.Dimensions: http://mootools.net/docs/core/Element/Element.Dimensions

window.getSize().y is the viewport height.

window.getScrollSize().y is the height of the document including the scrollable hidden area.

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+1 for good answer :) –  Sergio Nov 16 '13 at 9:28
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The claim that mootools' .getSize().y is same as jQuery's .height() is false. The mootools getSize() documentation states:

Returns the height and width of the Element, taking into account borders and padding.

But the jQuery .height() documentation shows that borders and padding are not included. Therefore, this jQuery code will not change the element's height:


But this mootools code will change the element's height, unless it has no vertical borders or padding:

myElement.setStyle('height', myElement.getSize().y+'px')

The correct answer is the .getComputedSize() method. By default .getComputedSize() also includes borders and padding, but unlike .getSize(), it is possible to override that behavior.

var elementHeight = myElement.getComputedSize({styles:[]}).totalHeight
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Not a framework specific thing: can be done in plain JS http://james.padolsey.com/javascript/get-document-height-cross-browser/

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Of course it can be done in plain JS. How do you think the frameworks do it? –  user2407309 Mar 12 at 21:32
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