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I have this code in my html.erb at many places.

<div id="left-nav">
  <%= render :partial => 'tests/tests_left_menu' %>

Is it a good idea to create helper method for this type of code ?

How to write this code in helper ?

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Wouldn't be 'layout' better place for this? – gertas Mar 1 '11 at 7:44
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I see a few good strategies to use in your situation. Pick and choose based on your project's specific requirements.

  • You can just put div#left-nav and its contents into yet another partial like tests/tests_left_menu_with_wrapper. This saves you a couple of lines.
  • If you can generalize the cases when the entire segment appears, you can move it into a layout. This way, once you declare the layout for a particular action using the ActionController::Base.layout method, you'll be able to skip writing the entire segment altogether.
  • You can write a helper, but it's not clear what advantage it confers over simply using content_tag. You're probably better off using partials or layouts.
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Personally i don't think there's a need to, and i think it's more like because you are not using other tools like haml to help reduce the number of lines in an erb files

the same code can be achieved in haml in just 1 line:

#left-nav= render :partial => 'tests/tests_left_menu'

hope this helps =)

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and you save on messy closing tags ;-) – Staelen Mar 1 '11 at 9:03

I suppose if you have that code in many places I'd move the the div into the partial. If you need the flexibility to have tests_left_menu outside of the div I'd still pick two partials over a helper in this scenario. Avoid writing html in Ruby when you can :)

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