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I am developing a flex air application and i want to it open in right bottom corner as notification..How do i do this.

Thanks Atul yadav

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Go to your project directory in flex builder. Lets say your app name is Test

Go to Test->src There you should find an Test-app.xml

In that you will find data regarding the width, height, x and y coordinates of the window to be opened.

change the following lines there:

<!-- Whether the user can resize the window. Optional. Default true. -->

<!-- The window's initial width in pixels. Optional. -->

<!-- The window's initial height in pixels. Optional. -->

<!-- The window's initial x position. Optional. -->

<!-- The window's initial y position. Optional. -->

You might have to change the X,Y values according to your screen.

If you just want a popup, you should take a look at the popupmanager class for adobe air.

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