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I'm working through the book Pro WF Windows Workflow in .NET 3.5 and on page 5 it shows them opening a new project in Visual Studio 2008, "Visual C#/Workflow" is selected and 8 templates are showing:

  • Empty Workflow Project
  • Sequential Workflow Library
  • SharePoint 2007 State Machine W...
  • State Machine Workflow Library
  • Sequential Workflow Console Application
  • SharePoint 2007 Sequential Workflow
  • State Machine Workflow Console Application
  • Workflow Activity Library

However in my (German) Visual Studio 2008, even after installing SP1, under Workflow I just have:

  • Sequenzieller SharePoint 2007-Workflow
  • SharePoint 2007-Statuscomputerworkflows

and under WCF I found:

  • Sequential Workflow Service Library
  • State Machine Workflow Service Library

But how do I get the Visual Studio 2008 Workflow templates that are mentioned in the book?

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Which version of VS are you using? I'm running VS2008 Team Suite (SP1), and I get all 8 templates mentioned. Perhaps try a re-install on a virtual machine, to see if it was an install failure?

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I have the Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition installed, good idea with the virtual machine. –  Edward Tanguay Feb 5 '09 at 9:59

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