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in a tutorial I am doing, the code below is in index.php file. Does the second "." in the file indicate that index.php is not at the root level? what would the significance be of adding extra "." in that position?

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../ means that the file is located one level below your current working directory, if I understood the question correctly –  Sondre Mar 1 '11 at 7:58
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This is a relative path to the current directory.

  • "." indicates the current directory
  • ".." indicates one level up in the directory structure

So the answer is yes, that file is not in the root level.

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.. means "one directory up"; ../.. would mean "two directories up".

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Not necessarily. For security reasons it is recommended that your include files be placed outside the web-accessible directory (htdocs), so minimizing the possibility of someone calling the database.php directly with forged parameters.

So the directory structure should look somthing like:

| |
| + htdocs
|   |
|   + index.php
+ includes
  + database.php
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"index.php is not at the root level" - It may be at the root level of your web-accessible directroy tree (htdocs), but definately not at the root level of your linux partition. –  vbence Mar 1 '11 at 8:19
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.. references to relative path one level up the current path.

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