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in my schema I set the size:

size: { type: bigint, required: true }

My generated 'base' model gives me:

public function setSize($v)
    if ($v !== null) {
        $v = (string) $v;

    if ($this->size !== $v) {
        $this->size = $v;
        $this->modifiedColumns[] = TorrentPeer::SIZE;

    return $this;
} // setSize()

Why does it case it to a string and not an integer?

I now receive the error:

"7818435653" is not an integer.

I tried changing the (string) to (int), but it did not work, I receive the same error. I'm confused why Propel made this value string when I specified bigint. Any help?

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propel stores bigint as a string as PHP's integer type is too small:

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Thanks for the link. do you suggest I make my bigint columns rather strings? – Tjorriemorrie Mar 1 '11 at 9:45
No. You didn't mention where the exception is thrown. Probably you'll need some manual type casting before saving and after retrieving your data. – Jakub Zalas Mar 1 '11 at 12:54

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