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With Paramiko, one can set up a SSH key callback like this:

def someCallbackFunction(client, hostname, key):

client = SSHClient()

client.set_missing_host_key_policy(someCallbackFunction) # <--

The callback gets the SSH client instance, the hostname and a paramiko.RSAKey instance as parameters and must return if the key is accepted, or raise an exception otherwise.

How can I verify the SSH key with the provided parameters? For example, how can I get the RSA fingerprint so that the user can compare it? And is it possible to let Paramiko permanently add the key to "known_hosts"?

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I couldn't find a way to write to (Open)SSH's known_hosts file, but as there are different variants (as of the PuTTY source code), I will just leave this and write accepted hosts to my own program's configuration.

Concerning the fingerprint, I found that Paramiko already provides this: PKey.get_fingerprint. In order to get the human-readable fingerprint, simply apply binascii.hexlify.

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