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I want csv file to be opened in vim in the same way it opens in microsoft office . Data should be in column format and commas should not be seen and its should be traversed easily. Is it possible in vim with help of any plug-ins?

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You probably want to look at sc as an alternative.. Have a look at this linux journal page

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I am probably a little bit later answering that question, but for completeness I'll answer anyways. I have made the csv plugin, that should make it possible to do what you want.

Among others, it allows:

  • Display on which column the cursor is as well as number of columns
  • Search for text within a column using :SearchInColumn command
  • Highlight the column on which the cursor is using :HiColumn command
  • Visually arrange all columns using :ArrangeColumn command
  • Delete a Column using :DeleteColumn command
  • Display a vertical or horizontal header line using :Header or :VHeader command
  • Sort a Column using :Sort command
  • Copy Column to register using :Column command
  • Move a column behind another column using :MoveCol command
  • Calculate the Sum of all values within a column using :SumCol command (you can also define your own custom aggregate functions)
  • Move through the columns using the normal mode commands (W forwards, H backwards, K upwards, J downwards)
  • sets up a nice syntax highlighting, concealing the delimiter, if your Vim supports it
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Hey, great work on that plugin. I spent some time massaging GeoNames data today and it was a life saver! –  dguaraglia Aug 17 '12 at 2:12
I can't figure out how to show delimiters by default when I'm using csv plugin, otherwise it looks great ... –  stefanB Aug 18 '13 at 23:21
Try setting the variable g:csv_no_conceal to 1. If this doesn't help, please open an issue at the github page. Thanks! –  Christian Brabandt Aug 19 '13 at 19:58
This is incredibly useful! I saved me from adding bogus spaces to make columns in a csv file I needed to edit. –  gerlos Jun 22 at 23:27
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Here's some tips for working with CSV files in vim:


I'm not sure if there's a way to display it in columns, without commas, though the tips in that link allow vim to traverse and manipulate CSV very easily.

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