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I have the method below:

private Graphics getBufferedImage(Image image) {
    // Create empty BufferedImage, sized to Image
    buffImage  = 
      new BufferedImage(

    // Draw Image into BufferedImage
    Graphics wholeImage = buffImage.getGraphics();
    return wholeImage;

It takes an Image and tries to generate the BufferedImage with a Graphics object.

What can I do with this Graphics (or BufferedImage) to actually let me use it? I'm using GIF files.

Would it be easier to use a byte array to transfer Image data over?

Cheers, Alex

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You can get OutputStream object using method ImageIO.write(...). Now you can transfer it over the network or save to file or store to array or something else.

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You can use Graphics.drawImage to draw the original image in the new image. In fact you can use any operation that Graphics offers, as well as cast it to Graphics2D (because that's what it is) and use those operations too.

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